Hard Landscaping

My sketch for safe living

Too many steps

We moved into our third house on Crete during the spring of 2020. The pandemic Covid-19 was raging around the world but our island was only seeing a very few cases.
We both loved the house when we first saw it and going back to Kambia was a plus in both our lives.
Initially the house only posed one problem, but we thought we could soon put this right. There were too many steps around the pool area and footpaths around the house.
My withered leg and dropped foot was affecting my walking more and more. When I started developing pains in my right leg, I feared the worst, so we bought a motorised wheelchair and looked to have the hardscaping levelled out. This is what we did !

First things first

Deal with entrance and pool ...

original entrance pathway to Kambia house

We had the gravelled areas brought level with crazy paving as a contrast to the house and existing tiling.

new paving and removeable ramp added
east patio area

my new workspace area
new paving to south elevation
car space gate

We had a concrete area laid to the workshop area and the step removed to the front access path. We also had another crazy paving path added to the rear access gate of the parking area. We were finally level all round the house.

wheelchair access to woodstore.

Not only access all round the house but I also had a path to the woodstore and the new shed which would be a materials store. My wheelchair could now get almost everywhere. A great feeling.

car space access

Then, when access is all round the house.

We start on the eating area.


dimensioned eating area
crazy paving eating area
pergola detail

Trying to buy a wheelchair at the right price was proving almost impossible. I was dealing with websites all over China, as this seemed to be the way to go.

Eventually I found an advert that looked promising and placed an order. The chair was coming from the UK and as Brexit hadn't happened yet, there was no additional taxes to pay.

image of wheelchair




















pergola detail
pergola design plans