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Modern Rock

I will try to write this in a way to not be too controversial but unfortunately this subject is one of the most talked about in music. 
 What is Modern Rock ?

Wikipedia puts Modern Rock from 1980 to the present day. I'm inclined to go two years earlier as I believe that punk heralded the start of Alternative Rock and the decline of Classic Rock. Many purists believe that Modern Rock is a genre of Alternative Rock but for the benefit of a less complicated lifestyle I believe that Alternative Rock is a genre of Modern Rock and that is the way of this music station.
I do not necessarily believe that Hard/Heavy Rock or any of the Metal genres fall into the Modern Rock category even though many of the bands started after 1978. Obviously there are now too many genres of rock music to give each its own page on this station. Therefore I've just separated them into heavy, heavy metal and classic and kept them out of Modern Rock.

Another difficulty we have with rock genres is that many bands cross over from one genre to another. Many alternative bands can bring out an album that may contain heavy or hard rock.

So, to summarise, Classic Rock starts sometime during the rhythm and blues era of the early 1960s and ends in 1978. Some artists who are still playing today, still play classic rock and I will include their songs under that genre. Heavy/hard rock is epitomised by bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple etc but these bands started the Heavy Metal genre, however I will only include their music in either classic rock if I feel the tracks are progressive or heavy rock if I feel the band have reached their goals and stabilised their lineups.
Soft rock is completely separate and is defined by the music, artists and bands.
Folk rock is difficult to find the beginning but of course is endless. I always believed The Byrds started it but they ( Roger McGuin ) say it was The Beatles.
Modern Rock on this station includes, alternative, indie, grunge, post grunge, post punk, garage, rap rock etc. and of course the odd mistake by me.

Terence Bridge.

p.s. I saw a readers poll on the internet the other day that put Led Zeppelin top of the Modern Rock bands. It takes all sorts.

  • A - E
  • F - J
  • K - N
  • O - R
  • S - V
  • W - Z
  • A Perfect Circle
  • Alter Bridge
  • Arcade Fire
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Athlete
  • Awolnation
  • Bastille
  • Biffy Clyro
  • Black Crowes
  • Blink 182
  • Bloc Party
  • Blues Pills
  • Blur
  • Elvis Costello
  • Evanescence
  • Florence and the Machine
  • Foo Fighters
  • Gorillaz
  • Green Day
  • Greta Van Fleet
  • Halestorm
  • Hozier
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Kaiser Chiefs
  • Kasabian
  • Kings of Leon
  • Linkin Park
  • Myles Kennedy
  • Moose Blood
  • Muse
  • My Morning Jacket
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Nirvana
  • Nothing More
  • Ocean Colour Scene
  • Papa Roach
  • Pearl Jam
  • Queens of the Stone Age
  • Radiohead
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Shinedown
  • Skillet
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • Soundgarden
  • Stone Temple Pilots
  • The 1975
  • The Black Keys
  • The Dead Daisies
  • The Gaslight Anthem
  • The Killers
  • The Kooks
  • The Lumineers
  • The Verve
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Weezer
  • Young the Giant