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Heavy Rock

Heavy rock, sometimes referred to as hard rock or even heavy metal began in the sixties when a more ferocious sound was being developed from the garage rock and psychedelic rock of many British and US bands.

The music still had its roots in blues as the electric blues of Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters etc had included much longer and heavier guitar riffs with a more raucous sound in the vocals.

This new music, heavy rock, featured longer, distorted and more distinct lead guitar riffs with lots of feedback, heavier drumming with a lot of bass drum and heavily featured bass guitar, often backed up with keyboards. The music was still very melodic and started to get a huge following across Europe and the US.

Top emerging rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, who switched from classic rock, Black Sabbath, who probably started it all, improbably The Kinks with their huge hit " You Really Got Me " and even the Beatles with their highly successful White Album were to lead the way with this new genre. MC5 and Blue Cheer tended to lead the way in the US.

There are only a few bands left from the sixties and seventies still making a living from playing heavy rock, notably the Rolling Stones, but there has been a revival amonst some of the modern post grunge rock bands like Guns and Roses, Def Leppard, The White Stripes, The Black Keys etc. Long may it last.

* The bands and artists represented in the listing may not necessarily be represented on the station in this genre but they will be played on the station somewhere.  

Terence Bridge

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  • AC/DC
  • Alice Cooper
  • Aerosmith
  • Atomic Rooster
  • Black Sabbath
  • Boston
  • Blue Cheer
  • Bonfire
  • Bon Jovi
  • Def Leppard
  • Deep Purple
  • Evanescence
  • George Thorogood
  • Grand Funk Railroad
  • Girlschool
  • Guns & Roses
  • Heart
  • Iron Butterfly
  • Iron Maiden
  • Joe Satriani
  • John Cougar Mellencamp
  • Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  • Judas Priest
  • Killing Joke
  • Kings of Leon
  • Kinks
  • Kiss
  • Led Zeppelin
  • Marillion
  • MC5
  • Meatloaf
  • Montrose
  • Motley Crue
  • Motorhead
  • Mountain
  • Muse
  • Nazareth
  • Nightwish
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Pretenders
  • Queen
  • Rolling Stones
  • Rainbow
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Rush
  • Sammy Hagar
  • Scorpions
  • Slash
  • Steppenwolf
  • Stooges
  • Styx
  • Ted Nugent
  • The Clash
  • The Darkness
  • Thin Lizzy
  • Todd Rungren
  • Uriah Heep
  • UFO
  • Van Halen
  • Velvet Revolver
  • Whitesnake
  • Who
  • ZZ Top