Too hot for me

28/7/20, 4:50 AM

Phew ! July has been so hot. Every day in the thirties. Its too hot for me as I like to work a bit now we're in the new house. Lots of things to do.

I didn't get the roses I ordered. Something wrong with their website. I'll wait until September when there may be more choice and I can phone the order through. 

I've started my screen project, to filter the wind through the front of the house where it blows a veritable gale. Cost so far is €225 for the timber, €190 for the posts, €50 for the stain and about another €50 for special tools. It has to be DIY here. I've made top and bottom boards for siting the posts and in the process of staining them.

Bill Gates is coming today. It's not his real name but he builds gates. He's going to make a start on replacing our dodgy stair handrails. Nice guy.
We're also in the process of starting our watering system. Graeme's going to help me with this. Bill has to build a stand for the water tank to fit above our drinking water tanks. I've got the tank and all the major pipework. Probably get Graeme to make a start next week.

Cats are OK. Clover is not eating much but she is looking very old and probably doesn't want much although when she hears the treat wrapper she is first one there. All the cats are shedding coat as the weather gets hotter and the house gets full of hair on top of the usual dust from Africa this time of year.

Our roses are looking great after they were severely pruned last month. The red roses are highly fragrant and fill the evening air with a fabulous scent. I've been slowly getting around to pruning and cutting away the major shrubs in the garden. Lady of the Night, the Mock Orange ( Philadephus ), an orange tree and a few Hibiscus. Our new gardener did a great job on the olive trees and the carobs at the back of the garden. Jack has been busy clearing leaves, dead and unwanted plants and planting some of the cacti and succulents we brought with us. I think she is getting the green fingers !

I'm having a lazy day today as I have pulled a muscle in my back somehow. Very sore. I've finished all the preparation for the Greek disabled driving licence and just waiting to hear from them when my licence will be ready for collection. I had to see four different doctors in Chania and the whole thing cost €138.

We are concerned with Jacky's health at the moment. She has a stenosis in her bowel and the doctors want to operate to cut it out, because it is stopping a colonoscopy to be able to view the stenosis and the diverticulitis, but Jack does not want the operation and we have been to see a consultant for a second opinion. This has given Jack a bit more optimism as he has said she can have a further three months of antibiotics and then it may be possible to have a colonoscopy. She has started the treatment.