Started packing

Little Rocco's funeral today. Very sad day.

3/12/20, 5:49 AM

Rocco is being cremated today at the new crematorium near Stevenage. We will go to our nearest church in Kalyves and light candles for him.

Its been very busy lately. Started packing, removing shelving, tool holders, pictures etc. Jacky's still not over her chest infection. Its kept her in bed for the last week. We must have seen six different doctors about it.
I'm still a bit scared about the Coronavirus or Covid-19 to give it the proper name. With my lungs, I probably wouldn't survive and I would like to see our grandchildren grow into manhood. We may feel safe on Crete but when the tourists come as they surely will they could easily bring the virus with them.

Sport's been very patchy lately. Liverpool's keeper threw the CL tie away last night against Atletico Madrid with a couple of howlers. Just like he did in the FA Cup at Chelsea last week. We have the best keeper in the world but when he is injured we have to make do with the worst.
St Helens are having a patchy time, win one, lose one and Northampton are win one lose two.

With this virus affecting every country, I don't think it will be long before sport, festivals and concerts are cancelled. Football in Spain and Italy is already being played behind closed doors.

Finally completed the server changeover for the music station Apokoronas365. It's taken a month of constant emails to their support team but looks like finally we have an HTML5 solution and Flash is gone for good.
Still having problems with the TV channels. We have to watch BBC and ITV programmes on Kodi, which is proving to be great with hundreds of unseen movies.