7/7/20, 10:54 AM

Phew ! Flaming June - not the first time I've used that phrase. Temperatures reaching into the mid thirties for the last several weeks. Not that they have stopped us working on the new house.
We've employed another gardener, Spiros, much better than the last one, Tasos. Garden is looking great but we're nearly exhausted doing all the watering, morning and evening - however every cloud has a silver lining or should I say heap of rain, as just now the heavens opened and it poured for ten minutes. Save watering tonight.

I bought a couple of nice white climbing roses from a Greek rose grower. Should be delivered in a couple of days. Look good on the new trellises.

I pulled my little toe off by the pool. Same toe, similar incident. Vamos health centre not amused as they had to stitch it back on again. Stitches should come out Friday.
I'm going through hoops at the moment for the traffic licence people. Have to get three doctors to agree to my Greek licence and disabled driver certificate. Two down, one to go.
Jacky's having medical problems at the moment which is taking us to Chania twice a week. Poor girls not enjoying life at the minute.

Greece has opened the borders yesterday for everyone but the Brits who will be next week and the Swedes, who are on hold at present.