The Second Coming Day 44

9/5/20, 12:40 PM

What a week ! Tuesday nearly killed the pair of us. Neither of us realised how stressful and tiring it would be. We could not do this again. It was such hard work. If the house had been empty it would have helped.

We managed to get five of the cats, which I thought was great, not knowing what was to come. We had left Daisy at Douliana because we just could not catch her. We tried Wednesday, Thursday and then Friday but no luck. She has always been nervous since a kitten and on Wednesday when I thought I had caught her, she struggled free, scratching and biting me in the process. 
When Jacky put Wizza out on Wednesday night, he decided to disappear for 48 hours, with Jacky finding him at our old house in KAMBIA ! Great memory that cat.

Even with all the problems, we love being back at Kambia and our views to the mountains are sublime. The garden needs a bit of weeding and pruning and the storage needs a few shelves being put up. but hey ! plenty of time and more shops are being opened from Monday.