Lockdown Day 61

26/5/20, 4:24 AM

The 25th May will be an historic day for Greece as it ended a large part of lockdown. Whilst there have been a few measures relaxed over the previous two weeks, it is nothing compared to yesterdays opening of restaurants, hotels and flights for tourism. There will still be testing at the airports and 24 hour quarantine in a hotel room for all travellers, there will still be social distancing enforced, but this is a major step for Greece and Crete in particular now that two Covid-19 cases have been diagnosed in the Apokoronas.

The story of our cat Daisy is a long one. We spent nearly two weeks trying to catch her at Douliana, our last abode. All to no avail. We finally had to resort to a trap which worked on the Sunday 17th May.
We brought her home to Kambia and when we let her out of the cage, she promptly disappeared. We both knew where she had gone. It had to be our old home in Kambia, the place where she was born.
After a couple of days of enticing her she finally became friendly and allowed me to put her in the basket. Since then, she goes missing a lot but always returns late evening for her meal.

Jacky has now sold most of the previous occupiers' furniture, giving us more room and we are beginning to settle in now. Colin and Nicky have been helping they have been brilliant.
I bought a shed for Jacky's birthday, along with the iPhone, and we had the base put down on Friday. The shed was delivered the same day.
I've got busy again putting up shelves.

The weather has been fabulous with only one day of showers since we moved in. Blue skies, no clouds and temperatures in the shade between 25 and 35c.

Sparrows are nesting in our gutters and the morning chorus is fantastic. Every type of bird and now joined by the rythmic bells of Ioannis' sheep just near our house.

The garden is looking great and Jacky is enjoying watering and looking after it, although we need someone to help with the weeding and pruning. I must list the plants we have and the birds I've seen in the next page.