Lockdown Day 5

27/3/20, 6:51 AM

We are now into day 5 of the lockdown and I'm getting bored with the telly already. I find it just puts me to sleep. I actually didn't touch the laptop yesterday, which must be a first.

We did do a fair bit of packing and re arranging boxes to get away from the Amazon warehouse look. I did a bit of filling picture holes and touching up the scuffs on the walls. Danny and Kelly are in lockdown in their respective countries. I think we may have three months of this before fit people can venture out with vunerable people waiting much longer for a reliable vaccine. I just hope the Chinese don't let their people out too early.

I don't read about sport anymore as the journalist are just reporting so much nonsense. Sports people have to adhere to the rules just like everybody else. There wont be ANY sports tournaments for three months at least.

I'm getting very worried about the GBP rate against the Euro. Germany must be giving out false figures of the coronavirus to keep the Euro so high. It's incredible that with Italy and Spain nearly on their knees the Euro isn't getting hammered. As they say " you never know how the markets will react. " Today it is 1.1069 against the Euro. That's a £12K loss against our investments. Even more with the 5% loss on my private pensions.
When Germany announced a fiscal aid package for Covid-19 the Euro made huge gains against the Pound and Dollar. Today the US announced a huge package of aid for coronavirus and the Dollar fell. It makes no sense. Oh well, it is what it is as my Mum is always saying.