Lockdown Day 31

22/4/20, 4:04 PM

Marvelous sight yesterday. A beautiful prime condition male hoopoe just hopping about on our bit of grass in Douliana. Beautiful orange headress and a black and white striped coat.

Well woohay, we picked the keys up for our new house yesterday and went to look at the house with new eyes. It seemed so much better now it's ours.

Today, we started the long job of selling their furniture, dismantling the beds so they would store more easily. Jacky started taking everything out of all the cupboards, seeing what we'd save and putting the rest in bags for the rubbish bins, then cleaning the cupboards. A big task and we'll be at it again tomorrow.

Rosemary came and collected the TV, TV box and a couple of cupboards. Still a lot to go.

Raining first thing but it cleared up to overcast. Maybe last hot day yesterday for a while.