Lockdown Day 28

19/4/20, 5:39 AM

Pat's birthday today. We sent her a card and money voucher as it is nearly impossible to shop except online. Must ring her later.

I was sitting on our front step watching a pair of swallows and many sparrows adding their songs to the dawn chorus when a bird nearly landed on my head. After a second look as the bird continued to swoop at me and joined by another, I was quite uncertain as to what they were. The bird appeared to be black on the back with a grey underbelly and a very long twin pitchfork tail. It looked much bigger than the swallows on the power cable above and I couldn't see the red scarf. I supposed they must be some breed of martin. I think they were trying to scare me away from a couple of beautiful nests built last year above our logpile on the underside of the outside concrete stairway.

I got a bit emotional last night with the news that another 888 people had died in the UK from the coronavirus. I blame the UK government entirely for this. They didn't think or act quick enough to either lockdown the population nor ensure supplies of protective clothing and ventilators were adequate for a pandemic that they were warned about in January. Stephen reckons, and he should know, being a retired logistic manager for SJA, that not buying adequate PPE was a way for the cash strapped NHS to save money.

It's getting difficult to find any films we haven't seen on either Netflix or Prime although Jacky insists she hasn't seen films that I tell her she has. They make too many series now and only seem to bother about quantity and not quality. There's even a new one started about a virus ! Watched the final of Masterchef last night. Right chap won.

I still spend most of my time sorting my music for the NAS and Apokoronas365. Still only half way through the " B "s. Black Sabbath took me three days to sort and compress the files.

What a palaver I had with Barclays over the last couple of days. After a day on the telephone with them trying to arrange the final house payment and getting nowhere, it culminated the following morning, even though I had spoken to the fraud department late into the evening, in both our account and the house sellers' account being frozen. More phone calls to their fraud department and finally the payments went through. 
We've now fully paid for the house, paid the lawyer, the notary, the land registration and all our taxes. We've put the deposit down for the store wall at the rear of the house.