Lockdown Day 23

14/4/20, 8:18 AM

Whoa ! First day I've seen Jacky struggling. Not surprising after recent tragedy of Rocco, followed by family marriage problems ( not ours ) then a real worry with Buddy having some sort of seizure. All this and the virus too. Little wonder that cracks start to show.

Lily brought a beautiful Sardinian Warbler to me that she had killed this morning. I can't admonish her as this is her instinct and we have so many birds in the gardens. I saw swifts, swallows, warblers, sparrows, crows, buzzards and eagles this morning in the space of fifteen minutes. The dawn chorus is fantastic and must drive our cats crazy.

I'm getting on sorting out my music. Changed tack by editing the NAS first as the passport storage kept locking out and I think it has a dodgy USB connection. I've deleted quite a lot of useless music, don't know why I kept it, Beyonce ?? really !

It appears that SmartDNS are keeping our TV working with good connections for BBC, ITV and All4. I uninstalled the VPN Cyberghost which was due to expire my subscription on the 20th April in any case. It wasn't giving any protection and I couldn't use Amazon or Netflix with it.

The weather just lately has been fabulous and all fires are turned off. Another warm day with blue skies today. Hopefully set for the week.