Lockdown Day 21

12/4/20, 2:57 PM

We are still coping OK with this terrible killer of a virus. I've been brought to tears a couple of times listening to the broadcasts of deaths, especially children and workers, nurses and doctors of the NHS. I find it amazing that so many people can put their lives on the line in times of such disturbing crisis like this horrendous virus Covid-19.

Jacky and I thank God each day that we live on Crete and not back in the UK where the death toll is so unbelievably high. So far there has only been one death on Crete, a visiting German professor to the University at Iraklio.

All the cats are staying healthy and still keeping us amused with their antics and personalities. Today was a lovely warm sunny day which we spent long periods outside. The cats never straying far from us. Their is zero noise pollution here so the sound of birdsong is continuous from dawn to dusk. Fabulous.

As it was Easter number 1, Jacky bought a couple of chocolate bunnies which we devoured rather quickly. We still have chocolate goodies and eclairs from Vamos bakery for after dinner. 

We still can't move yet as the Tax office has been slow getting the certificates to the Notary. Hopefully it will be during this week. Liz tells us that the rules allow moving to a new home. She better be correct. I'm still passing a lot of the time cleaning up my digital music storage on the NAS and filling in missing tracks and albums that should be there. This takes sooooooo long !