Birds and bees Day 43

4/5/20, 1:46 PM

Today, the Greek Government relaxed certain rules of the lockdown process. Some shops have opened but all retailers and sales staff must wear masks but for customers, this is only a recommendation.
A good thing for us is that drivers etc need no longer to carry permits. This makes it easier to carry out our move to Kambia.

A reason for the title. Earlier this evening I was being dive bombed by swallows just outside our front door at Douliana. They were trying to build a nest in our porch - quite an experience. Adjacent to our porch there is a magnificent bottle brush tree. The flowers have been nearly destroyed by the urgent action of honey bees, thousands of them. This evening the swallows were flying through the swarm of bees, an amazing sight I've never seen before. A camera or phone close by would have been brilliant but sadly only two bowls of cat food as it was feeding time.

This is our last day at Douliana, except of course for the final clean. I cannot wait to get back to Kambia.