8/6/20, 6:03 AM

We're just recovering from the worst gales we've had for some time. A south easterly gusting at 80 klm per hour kept Jacky and myself awake for most of the night Friday.
First one tentes broke free, which we managed to secure and then the other one completely tore away from the bottom weight bar. It was a real struggle to wind the thing back up to the top while the storm was at it's worst. The wind was hot and it brought with it lots of dust and sand from Africa. Still eating it today.
We rang for help Saturday morning and a couple of guys came out from Chania three hours later and took the damaged tentes away. They reckoned a week for the repair.

Daisy is now definitely back in the fold and she's first for every meal now. Just like old times. Lily has been causing a bit of worry. The vet said she had parasites ? medication was very expensive at €25 a drop. She's starting eating again but seems to prefer the biscuits.
I think the cats are loving their new home, especially Clover or Car Crash as she is affectionately known.

We've had some help with the garden although the lad talked a better job than he did. Typical Greek.

Jacky's shed got erected and she is pleasaed with it. I've been putting up lots of shelves, workbench and tool racks. I now know where everything is ( sort of ). Memory is getting a big concern for me, but my general health is about the same. Bad pains in my left leg and foot and disabling pains in my back. Never mind itsy inae zoiyi, c'est la vie !

We're both a bit sore in the muscles and a bit sunburned after spending best part of day in the garden. We cleared a lot of weeds and ground cover that Jack hates.
My first plunge into the pool this year. Temperature was 25 centigrade. Jacky has been in quite a few times, a real water baby.
We're off to buy brollies as the one we had got ripped in the gales and the pole broke in half when I tried to straighten it.