Living on Crete

If you need to know anything about Crete, read on ...

If you have read about our experiences with selling our house in Crete, you would be excused for thinking we would be making our way back the UK as quickly as possible.
We did try to buy a property in the UK, which we were hoping to rent out, to provide the funds for staying in Crete by renting a villa in the Apokoronas. This proved to be impossible as the fees for the rental property in the UK were excessive and we wouldn't pay them.
That left us looking for property in Crete, either to rent or tentatively to purchase. We rented for a year in Douliana but were lucky to find a house to purchase in Kambia in the early part of 2020.

Unfortunately this was at the same time as the pandemic of Covid-19 really started to grip the world.

Update 25/03/2021
We are still in the grip of the pandemic and cases and deaths are forever rising. Good news is that the vaccinations are rolling out now. They seem to be very slow. We haven't had ours yet even though I am handicapped and aged 71 !
Still, nothing is as bad as trying to get a disabled badge for the car. I started the process last July from the KEPA agency at the EFKA building. They sent me to five doctors which took some time to sort out due to Covid-19. I did this and tooworkk all the paperwork back to the KEPA. This dreadful woman told me that all the paperwork was wrong even though it was the paperwork they had given me. To cut a long story short, they messed me about for several months, giving me promises and phone numbers that didn't exist.
Finally they telephoned me last Monday, told me to see a panel of doctors yesterday. The doctors read the submissions from the five specialists, then one of them got up and tested my knee reflexes. WHAT A JOKE !! Worse was to come. They gave me a piece of paper that could hardly be read and told me to get an appointment for the KEPA. Talk about going round in circles !
I now have an appointment for next Tuesday at the KEPA. ( This is not the KEP by the way )

The other thing that seems to go on forever is the requirement for biometric ID cards now that we have left the EU. It seems to be a requirement that the first photographs are dismissed, so you have to get a second set. All sorts of stupid reasons for this. You then have to visit places 5 times ( 3 in Chania ) before you get your ID. All this going on during the pandemic when movement should be restricted. Thank Boris the bullet dodger for this.

Never mind, we are enjoying the house in Kambia and having lots of landscaping done.

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Emergency Phone number for coronavirus 1135


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