One would be forgiven for thinking that VAR stood for " very anal refereeing ". I'm not against the concept of VAR but there are several parts that do not sit well with me nor indeed the Curate over breakfast.
A Curate's egg would be a good description as it must be remembered that the bad completely overwhelmed the good.
Unfortunately that is the way of video assisted referees in Association football.

I will list all the stupid things that the FA etc have never thought and or never bothered with.

  1. The original idea was to take the responsibility of close decisions away from one man ie the referee. So why now put the responsibility into the hands of another one man, who just so happens to be another referee.
  2. By leaving the responsibility in the hands of one man, corruption is one type of motivation.
  3. The rules for VAR appear to change more than the weather. But they are such a closely guarded secret.
  4. I've watched VAR closely and I still cannot see how they disallow goals for offside and award penalties for no apparent reason.
  5. Why put VAR in the hands of a referee. It makes no sense. They have already proved to be useless hence VAR. I don't think referees miss things, I think they cannot interpret the rules correctly as they always look under pressure.

The referee in the recent Spurs v Brighton game was absolutely useless. Kane cheated right in front of him to get a foul. He asked VAR to intervene and they said he should look at the monitor. Even after looking at the monitor which clearly showed Kane cheating by pushing his back into a jumping Lallana after TWICE looking to see Lallanas position, he still gave the foul which turned into a penalty quite undeserved. Spurs went on to win the game by a solitary goal.

Liverpool have had five yes 5 goals ruled out by VAR in four games. Four for offsides that nobody on Match of the Day could agree with. The other was a goal by the referee that was overturned by VAR for a foul on a player that just never happened. I have always been led to believe that VAR could not overturn a referees decision. Is this the case or not. Who knows ?

It's time for VAR to be replaced. Maybe a clown at half time ?




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