Soccer World Cup 2018

We wait four years for this ?

First posted July 2018

Hmmmm. So, what was good and what was bad, from this Englishman's point of view.

The good first:

The Russian peoples attitude to the tournament, the Russian football stadiums, the Russian policing of each event, most of the refereeing, Gareth Southgate's poise, although another tie would have been a bonus, VAR and that's about it, Oh and the fact that my pick to win the tournament before it started are in the final... Croatia.

Now the bad:

The standard of football was the worst I've seen since Greece won the European event. 
Some of the players acted like animals. They were a disgrace and a few red cards should have been shown to stop them. Pulling players down, jumping on players backs, the most elbows in the head that I've ever seen.
The antics of some of the coaches, the Argentinian coach, who I understand came from Chile should have been sent to the stands before he had a heart attack. The disgraceful coaches aide from Colombia who barged into Raheem Sterling should be banned from football for life.
England ... yes we were very bad. This was the easiest run to the final that any England team has ever had. Trippier, Lingard, Maguire and Pickford were the only players to come out of this tournament with any credit, and these all made mistakes at crucial times.
Dier, Rose, Delph and Walker were bloody awful, the rest were just ordinary, but Dele Ali was the worst of the lot. He spent more time on the pitch worried about what his hair looked like. He's supposed to have talent, where was it ?
Apparently we took Delph because he's good in the dressing room. Pity the game wasn't played in the dressing room then !
Kane will probably win the Golden Boot but I don't think scoring penalties and goals against teams like Panama makes you a great player.

I read that we should be proud. Why ? I'm not. Another four years of winning against rubbish opposition so the media can start the hype all over again. And, and, AND if I hear that bloody song one more time !!



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