On the Road to Armageddon

Is knife crime getting worse ? Who can stop it.

I first posted this early last year and have seen several TV programmes and read umpteen articles on this subject since. I have to draw these conclusions:

  • The Metropolitan Police top brass have no clue as to the answer and just toe the Government line. Occasionally, you may hear something near to one road that could be taken, just to see if it yields results, because NOTHING tried so far has ! 
    Stop and search is just alienating the communities against the police. Why can't the police see this. Ah, I just remembered, they do but quite like it that way.
  • Community police into all the boroughs is the only way forward. Get out of the cars and start acting like a security force FOR THE PEOPLE and not one against the people. It's the only way to stop the gangs and get to know people again. 


First posted January 2019

Yes, I know it's a dramatic title. But, the drama that is unfolding in the UK at this present time is nothing short of an epic Hollywood movie where the outset of the movie focuses on chains of events that lead to a cataclysmic climax. I'll leave that in !

Let's list some of the events unfolding at present:

  1. Motorcyclist crashes into car. Driver of car gets out and stabs to death young cyclist.
  2. Man takes son on train ride. Man gets stabbed to death by another passenger.
  3. Minority race footballers unable to take throw ins due to vicious racial abuse, especially at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge, but does go on elsewhere.
  4. Four or five stabbings in the capital every week. I presume the other cities are nearly as bad.
  5. Murder is becoming so commonplace that if it isn't a celebrity involved or a juicy story to add most papers don't run it.
  6. Homeless people, a lot of whom are immigrants, are everywhere.
  7. The people running the National Health Service have no clue whatsoever. One day they want more money, then more beds, then more hospitals, then more doctors, then more nurses. Then last week they have a plan to save billions. I have a plan - get rid of all the so called top brass and replace them with business managers on a correct wage structure. Then regionalise it properly as in use today with councils.
  8. Of course, anyone with mental health problems has no chance. Once again the Government think that throwing a few breadcrumbs will solve the immense problems faced. Why do we have such mealy mouthed politicians in high office.
  9. Molestation type of abuse by mostly men to women in all the performing arts categories but mainly TV and film. Horrendous amount of this abuse.
  10. Abuse of young men by youth football coaches, widespread.
  11. Abuse of young men by Catholic priests, even more widespread.
  12. Abuse of young men by people in elected positions, police officers and politicians being the biggest culprits.
  13. Government, especially Prime Minister fixated on Brexit and far out of touch with society today.
  14. Members of Parliament, and I do mean ALL, have acted worse than small children in a kindergarten and have sullied the Prime Minister in a way that I fear will not be undone. The House has shown that, similar to the peoples vote, they are split down the middle. Interesting, but fatal for a good outcome.

A major concern for me is that many of the things above may get reported, if you're lucky, but I haven't seen many convictions, especially of police officers and politicians in the West Yorkshire area.

Knife crime appears to be getting worse, even after all the amnesties etc, so someone is making the wrong decisions.

Abuse at football stadiums has always gone on and will go on forever. The clubs and police treat supporters like cattle, so that's how they behave. It's a place for thugs and police officers who have drawn the short straw for the weekend. Regarding Stamford Bridge, it's a ground I always avoided. During the early seventies I went to an FA cup tie, Chelsea, Liverpool, with my father who was about 50 then. Coming out, we were herded into a column so the Chelsea supporters could clearly see where and who we were. My father was punched to the ground for no reason and I received a few wallopings whilst trying to protect him. I called to a police officer to help and he shouted back " No chance mate, I don't want to start a riot ".



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