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Super night out in Gavalochori

First posted September 2019.

It's been a long time, been a long time ! *

since I saw a band live on Crete as good as the one I watched last night.


I've tended to give a lot of " rock shows " a wide berth just lately. The bands on Crete may chop and change lineups but the same dreary music is offered up. The tourists may lap it up because they only have to see them once, if they are lucky.

I decided to join a group of hardened show goers as the event was for a good cause and was organised by people who I know are great organisers.

It was a very good evening, due mainly to that wonderful band of Greeks, ChangeHouse. They knew exactly what their set was and how their audience would respond.



We started off with another Dutton, this time Amy, who has a lovely voice when she's not trying to copy Matt Bellamy. Muse songs are very manly and sound very strange with female vocals. I see Ged's son Mark has got serious with the guitar and never tried to extend himself. Nick Dutton got up on stage, surprise, surprise, to assist his daughter on the cajon. An instrument that should have stayed in Peru.
They did OK.

Then we had Michael Whitfield, who, I hadn't seen for a couple of years. You can see that Michael has been hanging around with Carl Axon. He's starting to get the same mannerisms on stage.


Michael, you cannot keep looking at and talking to, your family, Carl Axon, mates etc. By now you should have realised that the audience is much bigger.
I preferred this lad when he shone from nervous beginnings. He's now putting the arrogance into his singing in places it shouldn't be. I hope music college can change him.

I won't bore you with a review of U4oria and Carl Axon and The Rocking Rebels. They are just, just, oh dear.....


I quite liked a few tracks from GBH who are a bit punky but I can't give them a great review because they kept smoking me out with the smoke machine which got a bit of heavy use during their set. Trying to take photos through all that smoke was a challenge.


Then the stars of the night, ChangeHouse. The four musicians all knew their craft. The vocalist was excellent. It was no surprise to see everyone on their feet dancing. Everyone that is, except the elderly, which of course includes me and who seemed to be a third of the audience.

190831_red-cross-event_082.jpgI will certainly go see this band again. May even ask them to drop the pop songs from their set. Or, maybe not.

A final word. The views above are my views and whilst I know all of these guys took no payment for last night, if they get up there then they can be reviewed.

* lyric borrowed from Rock & Roll, Led Zepellin.



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