Mental Health in the UK

Whispers in the Wind

I have been critical of the mental health care system in the UK for many years.
Nothing that I have witnessed through following this issue carefully leads me to believe that anything is different to Victorian times.
I posted this in October 2018.
A team of 28 global experts assembled by the Lancet medical journal says there is a “collective failure to respond to this global health crisis” which “results in monumental loss of human capabilities and avoidable suffering. "

This is a quote from this mornings Guardian as today is Mental Health Awareness Day.

Just for a few precious moments of your very busy day, stop to think of someone you know, everybody in the World knows someone with a mental illness. Give them a ring, write a note on social media, or just think of them for a few moments.
If you can't think of a friend or colleague and only know some celebrity from the newspaper, then think of them. Mental illness doesn't avoid the rich and famous.

The stigma of mental illness is still with us but slowly the World is changing. We need loud voices everywhere to challenge this stigma and make this a better place to live in for sufferers of mental illness. Yes, it is an illness in the same way that viruses and bacteria affect our bodies.

We need doctors that are more responsive to patients that have taken this giant step to talk to someone and ask for help. We do not need more bloody anti depressant pills. I wonder if doctors really know the affects that these pills have on your daily life. I wonder if they realise that suicide is more easily contemplated under the influence of these pills. Do we have to be like extras from " The Walking Dead. " The sweating, the memory loss and the dithering are all side affects that we could all do without.
There is another statistic that I find quite worrying. The Mental Health call lines for all the first world countries all contain the word " suicide."
This could stop people who have not contemplated suicide from calling for help.

The problem as I have said many times, is at the very top. Nobody of any repute wants the job. Let's make this the best job in the World and the highest paid. This would be a good start.

I posted this May 11 2018.

I've just watched the lead news on the BBC six o'clock news. A young student had committed suicide in Bristol, making it three this month. The programme announced that in 2016, one hundred and forty six students committed suicide. I then watched some guy in a flash suit and tie virtually fob this situation off with the same old rhetoric that the NHS have been using. It's all about cost they say. Bullshit I say. He was obviously a high roller with a posh title was our Professor Steve West. He was from the Universities Mental Health Care.

All the people in the top jobs through the mental health care system in the UK including the NHS should be sacked. They have no bloody idea.

The shelters, care wards and institutions in the UK are still in the dark ages. Horrible buildings staffed by uncaring people, The whole idea needs changing.


They need to be able to walk into open brightly lit centres that are accessible everywhere and that have been designed for them and to educate the idiots that still look down on mentally handicapped people. Don't tuck them away. Give them help. The best possible help the country can give.

I'm not just shouting about students but they may be the fuse that sets off the bomb that is needed under the system for mental health.
Parents must be educated to the fact that their child may develop mental health issues, especially if these parents have too high expectations of their children. Come on, let's talk to all parents of prospective higher education students. Talk to them with their child in attendance. 
Feel the situation. 
May there be a problem now that will get worse in the future ?
Give help now.
Show these parents and the students these alarming statistics.

There must be people out there who can manage the mental health system properly. I'm certain of it. Just as I'm certain the incumbents at the top should be replaced.



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