Data Mining and Brexit

The first census in the UK by William the Conqueror in 1086 with tax liable individuals' names kept in the Domesday Book.

I suppose this is a good subject to start the blogging with.

I first blogged this in the spring of 2018 but Brexit is not over, it is just starting.

We leave at the end of this month but what deal will we have - if we have one !

Millions of people have been seduced on and by the internet without really knowing they have and when they have realised, they still do not know how.
People all over the world, who have a right to vote, are victims of a system that employs data mining. This may be a new phrase that has been brought about by the digital age but it has always gone on, obviously to lesser degrees.

Domesday-book-800 x 413.jpg
After all, William the Conk first did a census of everyone in England in 1086 and this was to ensure that everyone who was liable to pay taxes, did in fact pay them. Information was gathered from the people to decide how much tax they would pay.
This was the first national data gathering in the UK. The key word in the last paragraph is information.

Information is worth more than gold. Just imagine if an advertising company knew which people to target for which specific products or services just by having all the possible information about the people in their audience. Well, imagine no more. This is exactly what is happening. The only difference today is that it is much easier to gather this information as we all freely distribute it to the internet in one way or another. " But I don't use Facebook ! " I hear you say. No, but how much, how frequent and what online shopping do you do. This being one of the chief data mining areas. This information can be gathered, analysed and sold to the highest bidder.

Now, back to Brexit. We have two Prime Ministers in that year, both of whom wanted to be on the winning side. Both wanted to stay in the EU, for I suspect, different reasons. Given his policy on immigration with special regard to the recent disgraceful disclosure of the post war West Indians recruited by us and then dispatched back to their countries after living in the UK for over sixty years, I'm surprised David Cameron wasn't a Brexiteer. Teresa May saw an opportunity and jumped at it. Let's change horses after the winning post.
If you want something badly and you don't think you will be able to get it, you may resort to cheating.
If you know the weakness in the opposition you may target that to turn the tables. If someone is continually bombarded with images of something they do not either like or agree with those images may stay with them. All the way to the voting booth.
OK. People may say that advertising tricks have never swayed their judgement. I say " Are you sure ! "

Now the tricky bit. It's plainly obvious that Brexit politicians broke the law in using a data mining company to give them the edge in their speeches and campaigning. It's also plainly obvious that Facebook have broken everyone's trust by selling your data that they have gathered to an analysis company working for Brexit.
Their whole campaign was based on privilege to the NHS and a clamp down on immigration. They don't have to actually do these things, they just have to say that they will.
On this subject, how on earth were newspapers and TV companies allowed to comment on the vote. Doesn't make any sense to me. Cameron will only ever be remembered for his terrible blunder.

Brexit politicians are quite a sordid bunch really. How on earth can someone like Boris ever get a post as Foreign Secretary. I don't buy the " keep an enemy close by " theory. I think Boris may be in charge. Time of course will tell.
I wonder if anyone, anywhere realised the cost of Brexit. The whole thing is an idiotic Cameron manoeuvre purportedly to gain votes. Well, that didn't work, did it Dave. After this latest block by the House of Lords, the Labour party can't help but gain votes unless they drop the ball of course.
After the constant scandals of MPs with rent boys, widespread adultery, fiddling expenses, child abuse, abuse of privileges, failure to disclose assets etc etc one would be forgiven for expecting politicians to lay low for a while.

This Brexit thing may be the biggest abuse by any government yet.



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