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Good Advice

Some up to the minute advice about living on a Greek island. I will feature buying and selling a house on Crete from my own experience. Some advice about the taxation system.
If anyone has several questions about Crete or living on Crete, they can email me and I will answer as soon as I can. I am working on a Q&A page for living on Crete and hope to have it uploaded by the end of the year.

Great galleries

Photography has become very important to me. Websites now need to feature lots of images and videos which need to be continually updated, renewed, whatever.
Most of my photography is featured on websites or content managed sites but I am about to launch a new way of photographing food to get away from the " pretty " look which I find most boring.
I will also spend some time taking new landscapes and coastal views. There are still beaches and coastal towns I haven't seen after eleven years of living here.


My passion is music. Check out our online music station Apokoronas365. All tracks are hand picked by me with a fabulous on demand system not bettered anywhere.
The only thing missing is poor music. The station features all kinds of rock music, no pop or rap, no blues, soul or tamla.
At present there are no DJs. This could change in the future but the station will still mainly play continuous music.


This Crete will feature english text Greek newspapers. Greece has a very interesting past and present and I read every bit of news that I can get my hands on. If I have something interesting to say, I will publish another page on my blog. My blog may feature some of my thoughts but it will never be about me, something many bloggers ought to practice.

Why I'm shrinking ...


The only other site apart from this one is https://tjbphoto.co.uk which is a commercial site selling my portfolio. I've also reduced email accounts and now only favour terry@tjbphoto.co.uk or terry@terrybridge.com.

My reasons for this belong to the ever worsening effect to the web of so called SEO entrepreneurs that bombard the sites with stupid mails through a medium that is designed to help people.

Of course this doesn't include my work websites. I've lost three recently due to companies moving on or failing, but I still have a nice portfolio.

Why I do it ...


I have been involved in so many things during our eleven year wonderful time on Crete. Buying and selling houses, renting holiday homes and integrating with the fabulous Greek people on the island. I think this gives me a great insight into living on the island.

I have had an online music station for several years and it has been hosted on many platforms. My tastes in music have altered very slightly and I now have a bent for louder and faster music. Perhaps it's my age. I started with the blues, inherited from my mother, then went through tamla motown to progressive rock, to classic rock and now heavy rock/metal. I still listen to all these genres and may play any or all on the music station which is now included on my personal website at http://terrybridge.com/home/music/audio


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200131_omalos-snow_006.jpgSamaria Gorge. Trekking the gorge is just one of hundreds of things to do on Crete. Best to try out a shorter gorge first, like the Imbros which is about half the length.

thumbnail.jpgApokoronas365 is alive and well and living here. Check out the tee shirt on Dave Grohl ! We have just fabulous continuous rock music. Whichever genre you like, heavy metal, hard rock, classic rock, modern, soft or even folk rock. It's all here.

thumbnail.jpg I tend to blog about any subject that either excites or maddens me.

2011_lakki_-(2)-small.jpgLakki church in the evening light. A beautiful view across the mountain village with the White Mountains in the background. Crete is a landscape photographers dream.

Ask me any question about Crete.

Due to the perpetual self advertising on this form I have deleted it. The people who use these forms for self advertising and sending viruses are pathetic small people.

What I believe you will get from browsing the site...


A bit of a laugh. I try to keep a lot of humour through the site, especially on the blog. I may even forward the latest football jokes if I think they are funny. But it will mostly be aimed at some of these useless politicians, here and abroad. Strangely enough, since I wrote this text, the politicians have got seriously worse.

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Latest information on Crete

I've lived on Crete with my wife since 2010. We have bought a house in 2009 and sold a house in 2019. We even rented for a year while we looked for a house in the UK. But we ended up buying another house on Crete. We have many Greek friends as well as expats from several countries. We drive here, we are legal residents, we are registered in the Greek health system. I think we have a lot of knowledge and I will pass it on and regularly update it through the website. It's a little more difficult since Brexit but not too bad.

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All the images in the galleries are photographed by myself with the exception of the musician galleries. I apologise that you will not be able to download any of these images but they may inspire you to take the type of picture that Crete deserves. Most of the pictures on the site have been reduced in quality to make the pages load faster. I have been experimenting with a higher file size and will upgrade the photographs when I can achieve a good compromise.

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